CapMon becomes Exabeam MSSP partner

New cooperation takes IT-security to the next level. CapMon becomes the first Exabeam partner in Denmark.

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Optimize IT security with CapMon’s solutions

How is the state of the network? Do you often have problems with cyber-attacks and hackers? Are there bottlenecks in the internal network that gives long response times and go beyond operational stability?

CapMon has developed a series of IT solutions that make life easier for the company’s IT manager, network administrators and helpdesk departments.

Depending on the structure of the IT systems in the company and the requirements for monitoring, we can offer different solution models.

What do you need to monitor with CapMon?

Achieve optimal operating stability with CapMon’s IT monitoring. View the state of the network and statistics based on data collected from the equipment being monitored.

If you want your monitoring data in the cloud, this can be done with the CapMon Cloud. Our hosting service is secure and always available.

Are the systems running slowly? Do you need to measure response times on the applications? ResponseView provides an overview of the response times that users experience.

With CapStash Log Management solution, which is based on Elastic, you get a tool to log unusual activities in the systems all the way down to the application layers. It allows you to identify unusual network activity or user behavior and stop the attacks before they do any harm.

Combining CapStash with CapSec, which scans your network, you will get the best opportunities to detect any vulnerabilities in the network and react proactively.

If you need an overview of the different types of traffic on your network, CapFlow is a solid player. You will get a real-time view of the network traffic and be able to identify and eliminate network problems before they evolve.

Do you want control over the local administrators’ rights? With CapMon’s AccessManager you can control and give users time-limited rights as a local administrator.

With CapMon’s IT security solutions, you get increased reliability, the ability to eradicate bottlenecks, efficient defense against attacks, and the ability to comply with the GDPR rules.

Find out what your company needs – contact us.